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Frequently Asked Questions

All SLOOPY! products which have Green Dot on the pack are made with ingredients that are of vegetarian origin, and PFPL also receives certificates from its suppliers confirming the vegetarian origins of the various ingredients. Hence, you can stay assured that these products are 100% vegetarian.

Is there any colour added to Sloopy Tastemaker?

You will notice in the ingredients list printed on a pack of SLOOPY Noodles, 'Colour [160c, 100]' is mentioned as one of the ingredients. This is in line with the labelling regulations, followed by the statement "CONTAINS PERMITTED NATURAL COLOUR".

Is Sloopy Noodles safe to eat?

Since its launch in 2015, SLOOPY Noodles has enjoyed your immense love and trust. We cherish this trust shown by you and assure you that SLOOPY Noodles are completely safe for consumption.

What do you mean by "MAY CONTAIN MILK SOLIDS, MUSTARD AND SOYA" on Sloopy Noodles pack?

As a part of our Allergen Management Plan, this statement is mentioned on every pack of SLOOPY Noodles. Though Milk is not an ingredient used in the manufacturing of SLOOPY Noodles, other products containing Milk/Milk Solids are manufactured in the same facility. If there is a significant chance of cross contact from equipment that cannot be ruled out, then it is indicated on the pack as precautionary labelling.

Is Sloopy Noodles! Vegetarian?

As per Indian food laws, it is mandated to place a Green Dot on the packaging of all vegetarian products and a Brown Dot on non-vegetarian products.

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